Deuterium Aqua is a deuterium depleted water (DDW) product family. It has two product available on the international market: Deuterium Aqua 105, Deuterium Aqua 85, and Deuterium Aqua 65 with deuterium levels of 105, 85 and 65 PPM. Quality and deuterium level are tested and verified in accredited laboratory. Our products are available in the EU and in the United States.


Deuterium is one of the isotopes of hydrogen, often called ‘heavy hydrogen’. Its natural occurrence is about 1 atom in 6500 hydrogen atoms. Deuterium’s nucleus contains one proton and one neutron, while ‘normal hydrogen’ has only one proton. This also means a weight difference, which confers non-negligible chemical dissimilarities.

Harold C. Urey got awarded in 1934 with a Noble Prize for the discovery of deuterium.


Scientific reasearches have shown that in several cases, consuming deuterium-depleted water significantly increases the expected survival time of cancer patients and this time provides a qualitatively more humane and more viable way of life for the consumer.


Tap water and regular mineral waters has a deuterium level of 140-165 PPM (parts-per-million).


The deuterium level is measured in PPM (parts per million), which is a percent-like, quantity-per-quantity measure, but 10 000 times lower than a percent.
These numbers on the label refer to the deuterium content, measured in PPM.


We recommend a cure-like application. A significant reduction in the deuterium level of our organism can be achieved efficiently by drinking Deuterium Aqua with continuous consumption of about 3 months. The duration of the cure and the daily amount may vary by individual, but we recommend to cover all the fluid intake with Deuterium Aqua. No other drinking water or tap water is recommended during this period, as those may reduce the efficiency of the process.


To keep the deuterium level of your body at the reduced level, we recommend to consume at least 1 bottle of Deuterium Aqua a day.
Returning to consume other drinking water will bring the deuterium level back to the previous state in 2-3 months.


In the U.S, it takes 3-16 days (we use FedEx or UPS).

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