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Deuterium Depleted Water (DDW) products, with deuterium levels of  65 and 85 PPM. Deuterium level and quality tested and verified in accredited laboratory. 50,7 oz./bottle, 6 bottle is one pack.

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What People Say?

Since the beginning of the 2000s, I have suffered a lot with my eyes, at first only an stye-like swelling was removed from my lower eyelid, and in 2005, an apple seed size growth was removed. Then I got radiation.
A few years later, the tumor returned, and in 2011, it was operated on again, but it did not bring a definitive cure, because a few years later I was just as ugly as before. I was very desperate. I heard from a friend about Deuterium aqua wonder water. I had nothing to lose - I started the cure and as promised, as written in the general ledger, the swelling started to subside after 3 months until it finally disappeared. It's been at least 3 years now and my eyes have healed. I'm very happy and grateful!
Maria Viragvolgyi
Folk Music Teacher
If you want to get healthier, change your body on the foundational level! For an all-encompassing deuterium depletion protocol deuterium depleted water is a must! Read the related articles and about the effects on the human body and then you will be as conviced as I am now. I wish I stared to drink deuterium aqua sooner, I feel much better!
Anita Susztak
I was sceptical but of cousre I wanted to heal my tumor... I did my research and found out about the relation between uncontrolled cell growth and deuterium level then it was logical I have to decrease and keep low the deuterium level in my body, I was super happy to find out there is a trusworthy company selling deuterium depleted water. It was hard to make a decision which brand I should pick but Deuterium Aqua bought me with the accredited laboratory test of the deuterium level of their waters. It was important for me because I can't tell by looking at the product and it matters what I get for this price... First my tumor stoped growing then got smaller and smaller each month now I drink the 105ppm but started with the 85ppm in order to get to the lower deuterium level faster. I hope it helped and keep in mind try not to drink any other regular water or mineral water to get the desired deuterium level more efficiently.
Mariann Loveine

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